torstai 14. syyskuuta 2017

tiistai 5. syyskuuta 2017

Nordic 2017 updated

HugAlan Ellie, Certificat > New FiCh!

Marwin's Stjärngosse, Certificat

NordCLIPPED17 Metal Star's Other Side
Best1 & spezial price

NordJrW17 Metal Star's Sentenced
BOB1 & Certificat

New import from Sweden "Simon" dew rex boar
Also two rex sows (Metal Star's Victoria & Vanessa) moved to Sweden.

sunnuntai 27. elokuuta 2017

New rex-litter

Å-litter, new rex babies
father FICH Snoop's Silver Star
mother Metal Star's Annabelle

silver agouti/ white boar

silver agouti/ white sow

silver agouti/ white sow

maanantai 14. elokuuta 2017

Sheltie litter

sheltie litter, 2 sows and 1 boar

black/ golden, sheltie sow

black/ white/ golden, sheltie sow

lilac/ white/ golden, sheltie boar

Z-litter (long hairs)

black/ golden, alpaca sow

black/ cream, peruan sow

born. 12.8.2017
Father. Metal Star's Fullmoon, sheltie
Mother. Malaxis Unitaria, alpaca

Y-litter (teddy)

black/ golden boar

white/ golden agouti roan, boar

born. 12.8.2017
Father. JGG-15 FICH Malaxis Headturner
Mother. FICH Metal Star's Glamour Of Darkness

X-litter (rex)

silver agouti, boar

silver agouti, sow

silver agouti/ white, sow

silver agouti/ white, sow

X-litter born. 6.8.2017
Father. FICH Snoop's Silver Star
Mother. Metal Star's Jewl Of Nile